Smallest and lightest industrial-grade sensors available

With most models being no wider than a quarter and less than 20 grams, our inertial sensors are suitable for many applications, including payload sensitive deployments. Our tactical-grade, harsh-environment, and OEM sensors also come in a small size and have additional packaging features.


Best in class performance with adaptive modeling, bias tracking, and error estimation

Sensor non-linearity down to 0.03 % of full-scale. Accelerometer resolution down to <0.04 mg and gyroscope resolution to < 0.008°/second. Low drift gyros with bias instability down to 5°/hr, noise density as good as 0.002°/sec/√Hz, and vibration rectification error (VRE) as low as 0.001°/s/g2 RMS.


Comprehensive, temperature compensated correlation to an orthogonal coordinate system

Third generation proprietary calibration procedure produces unequalled sensor calibration with high-volume capacity. In-situ magnetometer calibration utility program provided with all sensors.


Flexible, fully supported protocol compatible across all product families

From the full-featured MIP Monitor utility program to the MIP Protocol Software Development Kit (SDK), all the tools are at your disposal for out-of-the-box use, or development for custom applications. The SDK includes example code and instructions. With full forward-compatibility your development investment is protected through future designs.

Download MIP Monitor Download MIP SDK