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WIRELESS networks


Wireless Sensor Networks

Why does the time-stamp look wrong in Microsoft Excel?

Excel displays our time stamp incorrectly.  If you were to open the data file in Notepad you would see the correct time format.  To correct the data in Excel, Highlight all of column A, right click on the highlighted region and select Format Cells.  Under the Number tab select Custom, Scroll to the bottom of the list that appears and select “m/d/yyyy h:mm”.  You will need to add “:ss.000” to the end of this, so it looks like this “m/d/yyyy h:mm:ss.000” .  Setting the cells to this will give you the highest resolution that Excel can show.

Can I change the time zone of data collected?

We use Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) to collect data on all of our devices.  There is no provision to set the time to a local time zone. 

Which Integrated Electronics Piezoelectric (IEPE) accelerometers work with the IEPE-Link-LXRS?

The IEPE-Link™ -LXRS® accepts inputs from most IEPE sensors using the industry standard 10-32 mini-coaxial connector and 2.3 mA constant current excitation.



Does the ENV-Link Mini support wind speed and wind direction indicators?

Yes. The ENV-Link-Mini provides support for wind speed and wind direction indicators.

An example of instruments that have been proven are:

Is there a self-test for the backplane of the analog base station?

There is no self-test function on the WSDA-Base-101 Analog Base Station to test the analog outputs.

However, each channel can be tested by using whatever wireless node you have.

What is the Float function in the analog pairing screen of Node Commander?

In Node Commander software, on the analog pairing screen, there is a check box for "Float". What is the function of this check box?

If the node is configured to send data to the base station in floating point mode, you need to enable this checkbox and set the 0-3 volt scaling.



What inertial data quantities are available in the WSDA-RGD?

The WSDA-RGD (with internal GX3 inertial sensor) is configured to produce the following messages on startup.

GPS Data (1 Hz):

  • UTC Time
  • LLH Position
  • NED Velocity

AHRS Data (100 Hz):

  • Euler Angles

From this output the WSDA logs:

GPS (1 Hz):

  • latitude
  • longitude
  • height above ellipsoid
  • height above MSL
  • horizontal accuracy
  • vertical accuracy
  • speed

AHRS (100 Hz):

How do I calculate the battery life for a wireless node?

As a general rule, you can calculate the battery life of a wireless node by dividing the amp hours of charge on the battery by the amps consumed during sampling.

I have an older wireless node. Will this node work with my newer LXRS base station?


However, new LXRS functions such as synchronized sampling, beaconing, etc. will not be available for your older node.



Why are radio channels 25 and 26 missing on my wireless sensor data aggregator (WSDA gateway)?

All LORD MicroStrain wireless sensor nodes, wireless base stations, and wireless sensor data aggregators are shipped from the factory with their radio frequency set to channel 15 (2.425 GHz).


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