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LORD MicroStrain’s 3DM-DH3™ sensor is a cost-effective downhole orientation solution


Downhole orientation sensor and datalogger for drilling accuracy

LORD MicroStrain’s 3DM-DH3™ sensor is:
∙ a cost-effective downhole orientation solution
∙ driven by hi-res MEMS accels and magnetometers
∙ factory-calibrated over fully operational temp range
∙ small, lightweight, low-power, and plug-and-play ready
∙ ideal for oil, gas, mineral, and water well projects

The 3DM-DH3’s advanced MEMS measurement tools are factory-calibrated for out-of-the-box directional surveying, enabling oil, gas, mineral, & water drill operators to maximize the integrity and uptime of their various wells at a highly cost-effective price point.

The 3DM-DH3 ships with easy-to-use PC software, allowing the user to configure the sensor, view real-time measurements, and download logged data for post-processing. Users, integrators, and OEMs who develop their own applications can take advantage of the 3DM-DH3’s Data Communications Protocol manual, which provides a complete instrument command set. Custom applications can readily be developed in any coding language and on any computing platform including microprocessors.

The sensor’s low-power capabilities ensure users will not waste valuable resources when the 3DM-DH3’s sampling isn’t required, or when less-frequent sampling is optimal. The 3DM-DH3 offers a Deep Sleep mode, during which it consumes only 50μA. The user may also tailor the sampling rate to his or her needs, allowing for further power conservation.

3DM-DH3 features
∙ On-board microprocessor
∙ Embedded software algorithm
∙ Non-volatile memory for configuration
∙ Flash datalogging memory
∙ Serial communication interface

Technical Specifications
∙ 24-bit accelerometer, 16-bit magnetometer
∙ Accuracy: ± 0.2° inclination, ± 0.5° azimuth
∙ RS-422 serial output (four-wire full duplex)
∙ Operating temperature: -40° C to 125° C
∙ Shock threshold: 500 g
∙ 177 mm x 21 mm (diameter), 91 grams

Drill Path Measurements
∙ Inclination
∙ Azimuth
∙ Dip angle
∙ Sensor temperature

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