Benefits of an All-in-One Navigation System

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  • Published Wed, 04/07/2021 - 09:21

Engineers who are solving complex navigation problems are presented with a choice about their GPS and GNSS/INS: Design their own platform, or purchase a complete solution? While the temptation may be to select parts from numerous manufacturers, the assembly of a self-designed system is not efficient, cost-effective, or reliable.

Why use a MicroStrain all-in-one system?

When you purchase a complete MicroStrain navigation system from Parker LORD, integration issues have already been addressed and compatibility issues have been eliminated. Buying an all-in-one system means there are no surprises. The perception that shopping around for parts allows for cost savings is often false and creates additional steps for the end user. True cost-savings usually occur with the purchase of an all-in-one system, from one manufacturer. Buying a navigation system from multiple suppliers is two to four times more expensive than an inclusive solution.

When you purchase your entire navigation system from Parker LORD integration has already been addressed, eliminating any compatibility issues.

Go with an all-in-one solution

For better accuracy, reduced costs, ease of use, and fast implementation, turn to MicroStrain’s 3DMGQ7 with SensorCloud RTK.  Whether the work is in BVLOS drones, unmanned vehicle navigation, legged robots, or autonomous vehicles, the advantages are far greater with an all-in-one solution. Contact MicroStrain to find out how this system can help you.

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