MicroStrain by HBK at XPONENTIAL 2024

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  • Published Tue, 05/07/2024 - 09:07

MicroStrain by HBK, a leading provider of inertial sensing solutions for the unmanned systems industry, recently participated in XPONENTIAL 2024, the largest annual gathering for autonomy and robotics. Held in San Diego, California, the event provided a valuable platform to showcase our offerings, connect with industry leaders, and gain insights into the future of autonomy.

Unveiling Enhanced Software Compatibility

A cornerstone of our commitment to user experience is ensuring seamless integration with industry-standard software platforms. At XPONENTIAL, we were excited to announce expanded compatibility with ArduPilot and PX4, two of the most widely used open-source autopilot software programs. This development garnered significant interest from attendees, particularly those seeking compatible sensor solutions for their ArduPilot or PX4-based systems.

ArduPilot: An open-source autopilot software supporting a diverse range of unmanned vehicles across air, ground, and maritime domains. ArduPilot offers a comprehensive suite of tools catering to a vast array of vehicle types and applications.

PX4: An open-source flight control software specifically designed for drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles. PX4 empowers developers to create custom solutions tailored to unique drone applications.

By supporting these platforms, MicroStrain by HBK simplifies sensor integration, allowing users to expedite project development and time-to-market.

Addressing Navigation Challenges in GNSS-Limited Environments

A prominent topic of discussion at our booth centered on drone navigation in areas with limited Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) availability. While a complex issue, MicroStrain by HBK offers a solution – high-precision Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs). Integrating a tactical-grade IMU into your control system, like the 3DM-CV7-INS provides more accurate position estimates, facilitating localization even when GNSS signals are compromised. This capability can be further enhanced through the use of complementary sensor technologies.

Meeting Customer Demands for Data Security

With data privacy concerns escalating, MicroStrain by HBK prioritizes product development that adheres to the strictest compliance standards. We were pleased to announce that our products are fully compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), demonstrating our unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations for data security.

A Glimpse into the Future of Autonomy

XPONENTIAL served as a valuable platform for exploring emerging trends and advancements shaping the future of autonomy. Here are some key takeaways:

Drones with Enhanced Payload Capacity

The exhibition floor showcased drones engineered to handle heavier payloads. This development unlocks significant potential across various industries. Increased payload capacity not only allows for heavier cargo transport but also facilitates the integration of additional sensors. This sensor expansion empowers drones with new capabilities, broadening their application spectrum.

The Rise of Larger Autonomous Vehicles

As the industry matures, the prospect of autonomous helicopters and other large vehicles is becoming increasingly realistic. XPONENTIAL featured the unveiling of initial development stages for autonomous technology packages designed for larger vehicles.

Continuing the Conversation

The insights from industry leaders and potential customers at XPONENTIAL 2024 will be instrumental in our ongoing development of high-performance sensing solutions catering to the rapidly evolving needs of the autonomy sector. We look forward to nurturing the relationships established at the event and contributing to the continued growth and advancement of the autonomous systems and drone industries.