Three Ways to Improve Measurement and Signal Using Wireless Torque Monitoring

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  • Published Tue, 05/05/2020 - 13:58

Torque, Fish and Bicycles: Rotating devices need wires like a fish needs a bicycles

Traditional methods for measuring stresses and loads on equipment require a wired connection to collect data. When applied to drive shafts and other rotating equipment, obtaining such data entails using slip rings with brush contacts or other mechanical means of transferring electrical signals from rotating equipment to stationary data acquisition systems. Such devices add weight to the system, but their biggest drawback is the noise and wear points they introduce, ultimately leading to poor measurements and/or overall signal failure.


Three wireless monitoring options to overcome these issues:

1. The Torque-Link is a shaft mounted version of the popular SG-Link-200-OEM that enables battery-powered wireless data transmission on our 2.4 GHz network for collection and analysis on SensorConnect and/or the web-based version SensorCloud.

2. Applications requiring continuous power without the burden of changing batteries, our engineers developed a way to integrate a custom means for inductive power transfer to your 2.4 GHz wireless node.

3. For applications requiring minimal latency, a low EMI signature and/or the ability to communicate underwater, the MicroStrain patented Near Field Communications and Power (NFC) technology can transmit power to the node and, over the same inductive link, receive the data transmissions by virtue of decoded amplitude modulations of the power signal.

Optimized for torque measurement, these systems can also integrate a Hall effect sensor to report rotational rate (RPM) and derive real-time power (Horsepower) for powertrain applications. Equipped with extensive torque monitoring experience, including our aerospace-qualified Variable Reluctance system, we’re able to provide solutions for torque measurement applications. Review the Near Field Communication Application Brief and contact usfor more information.

Torque Applications

Torque Monitoring is available for all kinds of applications including:

  • 35B Lift Fan drive shaft monitor
  • Tail-rotor drive shaft torque load monitor
  • Feed system for ground-based military defense application
  • Drive shaft on UAVs and industrial pump trucks
  • Formula SAE drive shaft torque monitor

We’ve equipped our Humvee with an array of wireless sensors, including NFC torque sensors on all four half shafts and the fore and aft drive shafts. A display screen provides feedback to the driver while all sensor data is collected over CANbus and transmitted to SensorCloud via a cellular connection. Watch to see this in action..

View G-Link-200-R

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