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Displacement Signal Conditioner

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MicroStrain Linear Variable Differential Transducer (LVDT) systems enable precise micro-position measurement for a variety of applications. Each system includes a sensor, cable, and signal conditioning module calibrated as one unit to ensure accurate, repeatable measurement.

The Demod-DIGITAL stores specific calibration values in an internal lookup table and provides a highly accurate displacement output on both digital serial and analog output channels.

NOTE: Designed for use with MicroStrain LVDT sensors. With a Demod-DIGITAL purchase, current customers may return sensors for calibration free of charge.

Product Highlights

  • Internal calibration data delivers unmatched accuracy
  • Digital serial and analog outputs
  • Up to 50X more accurate than other LORD signal conditioners
  • Clean, high-level signals to output connections
Features & Benefits

High Performance

  • Precision synchronous demodulation
  • Calibrated with each sensor for high accuracy outputs
  • Line voltage transient filtering and pure sine wave excitation source to the sensor bridge

Ease of Use

  • No conversion needed for digital output.
  • Compatible with LORD Sensing SensorConnect™ software
  • Factory-set output filtering and calibration-model options
  • Rapid warm-up time
  • Complete solution - no other system integration required


  • Linear and angular position measurements
  • Strain, deflection and deformation measurements
  • Dimensional gauging

Signal Conditioner

  • Sensor Types: Parker LORD inductive LVDT (formerly DVRT®) sensors
  • Sensor Input Channel
    • Excitation: AC sinewave, 140 kHz typical (other frequencies available on request)
    • Demodulation: Synchronous, DC output
  • Analog Output
    • Analog Output Voltage: 0 to 10VDC (standard), 0 to 5VDC (optional)
    • Gain: Adjustable from 14 to 10,000 (factory set during calibration)
    • Low-Pass Filter: 2 Pole, 3dB down @ 10Hz
  • Digital Output
    • Format: RS232 (RS485 upon request)
    • Data: Timestamp, Displacement (mm)


  • Power Source: 12VDC nominal ±1VDC (universal voltage wall AC/DC converter provided)
  • Power Consumption: 70 mA typical
  • Power Indicator: Multi-color status indicator
  • Supply Current: 22 mA typical (~15 mA when modified for use with V-Link-200 wireless node)
  • Warm-Up Time: 5 minutes recommended


  • Operating Tempurature: -20 to +60°C
  • Enclosure Size: 70mm x 96mm x 20mm
  • Mounting: Desktop with rubber feet
  • Connectors:
    • Center-positive DC barrel socket (power supply)
    • 4-pin M8 receptacle (sensor input)
    • HDBNC (analog output)
    • Micro-DB9
  • Sensor Cable: 4-pin receptacle to 4-pin mini, calibrated with sensor and signal conditioner
  • Weight: 113g
Product Taxonomy
  • Linear and angular position measurements
  • Strain, deflection and deformation measurements
  • Dimensional gauging
Displacement Type
Signal Conditioners
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LORD Sensing Differential Variable Reluctance Transducer (LVDT®) systems enable precise micro-position measurement for a wide variety of applications. From slow, slight movements over time to high frequency vibration, the LVDT system provides accurate, re
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