SG-Link-200-OEMSG-Link-200-OEM with optional mounting plateSG-Link-200-OEMSG-Link-200-OEM - electrical block diagramSG-Link-200-OEM - dimensionsSG-Link-200-OEM - dimensions with optional mounting plate
Product Status
The SG-Link-200-OEM is a small wireless node with 2 analog input channels, ready for OEM integration. It includes onboard PGA, filtering, and high-resolution ADC for precise measurement of a large range of sensor types including strain gages, load cells, pressure transducers, and accelerometers.

Additionally, a digital pulse input channel allows easy integration to a hall effect sensor for reporting RPM or pulse count. The versatility and small form factor make the SG-Link-200-OEM easy to integrate into many applications.

Sensor Input

  • 1 differential input channel
  • 1 single-ended input channel
  • 1 digital input for RPM or pulse counting
  • On-board temperature sensor (+/- 0.25°C)
  • 1.5 or 2.5 V sensor power output
  • Adjustable gain (1 to 128)
  • Adjustable filtering
  • High resolution 24-bit data
  • Noise as low as 1 µV p-p
  • Compatible with 120, 350, and 1kOhm Wheatstone bridge sensing circuits
  • Available factory bridge completion (¼, ½, or full-bridge)
  • Remote strain calibration using on-board shunt resistor


  • Up to 1 kHz continuous sampling rate
  • Continuous, periodic burst, or event-triggered operation
  • Output waveform data and/or derived parameters (Mean, RMS, peak-peak)
  • LXRS protocol allows lossless data collection, scalable network size, and node synchronization of ±50 µs
  • Datalogging up to 8 million data points
  • Wireless range up to 1km
  • Duty cycle sensor excitation for low power operation, well-suited for battery powered applications


  • Power with 3.3 to 30 VDC
  • –40 to +105 °C operating temperature range
  • Humiseal 1B31 Conformal Coating
  • 4 mounting holes sized for 2-56 UNC
  • Optional aluminum base and sensor terminal
  • Antenna options include on-board, or U.FL connector
Product Taxonomy
Wireless 2-channel analog input node for OEM integration. Ideal for precise measurement of strain gauges, load cells, and pressure transducers.
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