Ideal for linear control and precision measurement applications, the miniature LS-LVDT provides fast response and rugged packaging. Configuration options can provide 0.04% full-scale resolution, linear output, flat dynamic response to kHz levels, and very low-temperature coefficients. Its free sliding transducer core is lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant. The cores are precision ground to insure a close sliding fit within the open bore of the stainless steel lined LS-LVDT body. This precision allows the LS-LVDT to achieve extremely high repeatability. The sensing head is capable of total submersion in aqueous environments. NOTE: This sensor is designed for use with LORD Sensing DEMOD signal conditioners.

  • 50 mm, 100 mm, and 150 mm stroke lengths available
  • Extremely compact packaging with sensor body only 25 mm longer than the stroke length
  • Unguided armature
  • For use with standard LORD DEMOD signal conditioners.
  • ±2% to ±0.2% accuracy
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High Performance

  • High-resolution with large stroke/size ratio
  • Frictionless design for robust use over millions of cycles
  • Designed to withstand harsh environments
  • High dynamic range for difficult measurements


Linear stroke lengths

±25 mm, ±50 mm, ±75 mm


±1% Peak (typical)
(±2% max) with straight line
0.2% RMS with multi-segment
0.1% RMS with polynomial

Frequency response

800 Hz standard, 10Hz – 20kHz optional

Temperature coefficients

Offset 0.002%/° C typical, Span 0.04%/° C typical

Housing material 316 Stainless steel
Core material 316 stainless steel shell with ferrous core
Cable material Teflon coated
Electrical connector 4 Pin PEEK LEMO connector
Temperature range -55 - 150°C
Resolution (800 Hz LPF) 0.2% FS typical 0.04% FS typical
Sensitivity 0-5 VDC FS 0-10 VDC FS

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