MicroStrain 3DM-CV5-IMU Embeddable Inertial Measurement Unit, OEM Package

The MicroStrain 3DM-CV5-IMU is the smallest and lightest industrial IMU available. It features a fully calibrated and temperature compensated triaxial accelerometer and gyroscope to achieve the optimum combination of measurement qualities under all dynamic conditions.

This value focused IMU is designed to balance cost and performance, and is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including platform stabilization, balancing robots, antenna pointing, and usage monitoring.



  • High Performance Accelerometer
    • 100 µg/√Hz (8g standard)
    • 2g, 4g, 20g, 40g options
  • Super-stable Gyro
    • 8 dph in-run bias (-40 to +85°C)
    • Offset temperature hysteresis 0.05°/s
    • ARW 0.3 °/√hr


  • Adjustable sampling rates up to 1000Hz
  • Forward compatible MIP Protocol optimizes bandwidth
  • Configurable IMU outputs
  • SensorConnect software for configuration, control, display, and logging


  • CNC Anodized Aluminum
  • Precision alignment features
  • Highly compact and low profile
    • 38.0 mm x 24.0 mm x 9.7 mm
    • 11.0 grams
  • TTL UART interface (up to 921600 BAUD)
  • –40 to +85 °C operating temperature range

Use Cases

Mobile Robotics

Low-noise, linear, and stable MEMS gyros and accelerometers enable superior heading accuracy during turns & bumps

Auto-adaptive Kalman Filter algorithms provide exceptional dynamic performance

Auto self-calibration and automatic anomaly rejection make units with magnetometer reliable and accurate heading reference

Fully calibrated and temperature compensated IMUs provide stable performance in demanding environments

Antenna and Camera Pointing

Low-noise, low latency, and linear MEMS gyros and accelerometers result in accurate and stable attitude tracking

Rugged machined aluminum industrial packaging provides reliable performance in high-vibration and shock environments

Compact OEM versions for embedded applications permit lower cost without losing accuracy

Test and Measurement

Fully calibrated and temperature compensated sensors provide stable performance in demanding environments

Highly stable, linear, and low-latency MEMs accelerometers and gyros provide high accuracy and repeatability

Rugged machined aluminum industrial packaging provides reliable performance in high-vibration and shock environments

Open source MSCL API allows for easy integration into custom software applications




SensorConnect is the next generation in desktop sensing software.

From configuration of nodes and starting networks, to collecting and analyzing data in real-time, SensorConnect provides a modern, powerful experience with our Wireless, Inertial, and Displacement products.

Using our intelligent data collection and graphing algorithms, you are able to visualize massive amounts of data instantly, and then zoom in on points of interest just as fast.

Built in MathEngine functionality allows for both real-time and post-processed math, such as generating FFTs, averages, RMS, etc.


Free and open source API

The MicroStrain Communication Library (MSCL) makes it simple to write code that interacts with our Wireless, Inertial, and Displacement sensors.

MSCL is completely open source and hosted on GitHub under the MIT license.

Full documentation, example code, and a quick start guide are provided to help you get started.

Available for C++, Python, and .NET.

MIP Monitor

Free Legacy Software

MIP Monitor is PC software specifically designed for our Inertial products.

Configure Inertial nodes, start sampling, and view data in real time.

MIP packets can also be viewed in their raw form to aid in development of custom software.

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