The 3DM-DH is operated by a combination RS-232 communication and power cable, part number 6202-0020.

A technical drawing can be found at:

From time to time the inertial sensor may need recalibration.

Example: If the inertial sensor contains magnetometers, coming in contact with magnetic influences (magnets, motors, etc.) may cause residual magnetism to be picked up by the on-board components which alter the calibration.  In these cases, the inertial sensor should be returned to the factory for recalibration.

Example: The inertial sensor receives a severe shock, slightly altering the position of the circuit boards in relation to the enclosure, again altering the calibration.  In these cases, the unit should be returned to the factory for recalibration.

Yes.  The unit is factory calibrated and ready for use with power-up.

The sensor can output:

  • acceleration
  • magnetic fields
  • Euler angles (pitch, roll, yaw)
  • orientation matrix

Yes.  A Windows XP/Vista/7 compatible software is shipped the product.  The software allows the user to configure, operate, display and save data from the sensor.

Yes.  A complete data communications protocol manual and sample code is shipped with the sensor.

The 3DM-DH can measure static and quasi-dynamic rotations with an accuracy of:

  • pitch +/-0.7 degrees (typical)
  • roll +/-0.7 degrees (typical)
  • yaw +/-1.5 degrees (typical)

The 3DM-DH is a 3-axis orientation sensor capable of measuring:

  • -180˚ to + 180˚ of yaw (heading)
  • -180˚ to +180˚ of roll
  • -90˚ to +90˚ of pitch (see note following)

Note: The 3DM-DH has a pitch range of +/-90˚.  It will measure pitch accurately within this range.  However, due to a mathematical singularity in the Euler theorem, as pitch exceeds either -70˚ or +70˚, the yaw and roll measurements of the 3DM-DH will become numerically unstable.  So to put it another way, if you are just measuring pitch with the device, all measurement between -90˚ and +90˚ will be accurate.  If you are measuring pitch and roll at the same time (for example), pitch measurements beyond -70˚ or + 70˚ will effect the accuracy of the roll.

Yes.  We have had good success with several types of off-the-shelf USB to serial port adaptors, such as those from IOGear and Keyspan, which may be purchased through any of the electronics products distributors.


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