Kalman Filter Performance

Typical position accuracy †

±2.5 m RMS horizontal, ±5 m RMS vertical

Typical velocity accuracy †

±0.1 m/s to ±0.75 m/s RMS (application and settings dependent)

Typical attitude accuracy †

±0.35 deg RMS roll &

† RMS values generated from actual vehicle testing (airborne & land) when compared to a reference navigation unit

Attitude and Heading (AHRS)

Static accuracy

±0.5° pitch, roll, heading typical for static test conditions

Dynamic accuracy

±2.0° pitch, roll, heading for dynamic (cyclic) test conditions and for arbitrary angles

GPS Receiver

GPS velocity accuracy

0.1 m/sec

GPS heading accuracy


GPS horizontal position accuracy

< 2.5 m Autonomous

< 2.0 m SBAS (CEP, stationary 24 hours, SEP 3.5 m)

GPS timepulse signal accuracy

30 nsec RMS

< 60 nsec 99%

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