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The 3DM is a 3-axis orientation sensor capable of measuring:

  • -180˚ to + 180˚ of yaw (heading)
  • -180˚ to +180˚ of roll
  • -90˚ to +90˚ of pitch (see note following)

Note: The 3DM has a pitch range of +/-90˚.  It will measure pitch accurately within this range.  However, due to a mathematical singularity in the Euler theorem, as pitch exceeds either -70˚ or +70˚, the yaw and roll measurements of the 3DM will become numerically unstable.  So to put it another way, if you are just measuring pitch with the device, all measurement between -90˚ and +90˚ will be accurate.  If you are measuring pitch and roll at the same time (for example), pitch measurements beyond -70˚ or + 70˚ will effect the accuracy of the roll.

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