Yes, absolutely.  You are the administrator of your account and you can grant password protected read or read/write access to anyone you like.  Anyone who has access to a web browser can graphically see your data.  You can also send automatic alerts to anyone you like.

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Yes, absolutely.  The SensorCloud interface allows you to manually download a CSV (spreadsheet file) on any data set you choose.  You may also download any data set programmatically using the calls in the OpenData API.

Link to OpenData API: http://www.sensorcloud.com/features/open-data-api

Security and data privacy are paramount at SensorCloud.  Security has been a cornerstone of our platform from day one, and all services adhere to industry best practices.  SensorCloud is currently built on top of Amazon Web Services, which provides a world-class secure and trusted platform with well-documented processes and exceptional physical security.

Link to our Security and Privacy statement: http://www.sensorcloud.com/features/security-privacy

Sensors generating vast quantities of data.  This video demonstrates how SensorCloud can rapidly plot and navigate through a one terabyte (TB) vibration data set containing over 100 billion measurements. 


Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=T6tko2wOJc4

SensorCloud Alerts allow users to create custom email and SMS text message alerts for monitoring data exceedances and events of interest.

  • Flexible and powerful syntax for generating custom alert messages with embeddable event data parameters.
  • Customizable email "From" field allows users to manage and respond to alert replies.
  • Trigger alert on sensor channel exceedances
  • Trigger alerts on sensor channel inactivity

Link to Alerts Documentation: http://www.sensorcloud.com/documentation/alert-documentation

Absolutely not.  Certainly LORD MicroStrain® equipment is optimized for SensorCloud use but any-web connected sensor, source or platform can send its channelized data to SensorCloud and take advantage of its functions.  Any network enabled device that supports HTTPS communication can upload to SensorCloud!  We provide a complete OpenData API for the developer or will provide a customized solution meeting the customer’s needs.

Link to OpenData API: http://www.sensorcloud.com/features/open-data-ap

To get started with SensorCloud, we offer a free BASIC account with:

  • 3 Million Data Points Per Month
  • Unlimited Total Data Storage
  • 1 Custom Alert
  • 1 User Login
  • 50,000 OpenData API Calls per Month

As your needs increase, we have many plans to suit.  Here is a link to pricing: http://www.sensorcloud.com/pricing

Data storage is actually unlimited.  With a free BASIC account, you may upload up to 3 million data points per month with unlimited total storage.  With a PREMIUM account, you may upload up to 5 million data points a month with unlimited total storage.  With a PRO account, you may upload up to 50 million data points a month with unlimited total storage.  Larger plans are also available. Here is a link to pricing: http://www.sensorcloud.com/pricing

SensorCloud is capable of uploading a maximum of 5000 samples per second per channel to an unlimited number of channels.