Our advanced sensor systems are extensively deployed on commercial and defense platforms, including helicopters, UAVs and commercial aircraft. Our synchronized wireless networks feature fully-calibrated miniature sensors, extended range communications and miniature energy harvesters for use in a variety of applications, including enhanced health management, condition maintenance and navigation.


Our sensor networks provide a long-term, cost effective health monitoring solution for civil structures. From bridges and dams to tunnels and buildings, our miniature sensor design and scalable network characteristics allow for quick integration. Innovative power management and energy harvesting capabilities support autonomous deployment, which eliminates the need for you to replace batteries.


Our sensing solutions allow users to simultaneously monitor numerous environmental conditions using time as a unifying variable. Our expertise in long-range wireless communication, progressive power management, energy harvesting techniques, and cloud-based data management enable you to better monitor environmental conditions for enhanced efficiency and productivity of your work.


Our expertise providing innovative, miniature motion-control sensors and integrated wireless systems helps your company develop and maintain next-generation manufacturing machines. Our lines of small, power-smart sensors deliver the precision needed to enhance manufacturing productivity, ensure premium-quality products and maximum energy efficiency. The cloud-based sensor monitoring services enable you to track machine health through an entire product life.


We offer cost-effective orientation sensors and dataloggers optimized for downhole applications in the oil & gas industry. Our MEMS measurement tools are factory-calibrated for out-of-the-box directional surveying, which allows you to maximize the integrity and uptime of your various wells. Additionally our above-ground wireless sensor networks provide a scalable platform for remote equipment health monitoring, reporting and alerting without disrupting normal operations.


Our wireless solutions provide a quick and cost-effective path to embedding health sensing capabilities on both new and existing critical components for continuous, automated condition updates. Applications include wireless vibration, load, strain, and temperature sensing on bogies, wheels, brakes, and axles; miniature inclinometers and inertial sensors for feedback car positioning and dynamics; high-value asset and cargo health tracking; and antenna pointing for telecom uplink. Combined with SensorCloud™ remote network monitoring and management, our sensing systems provide end-to-end solutions that deliver real-time actionable information.


Our inertial devices provide gimbal manufacturers with low-noise, low-latency, and high angular rate platform-stabilizing sensor solutions. Our miniature, low-power systems enable precise orientation feedback for enhanced motion control systems embedded in camera and antenna platforms, unmanned vehicles, drilling rigs and maritime vessels.


Our inertial solutions enable unmanned land, sea and air vehicles achieve excellent inertial sensing, vehicle tracking, and sensor/antenna pointing performance, while still maintaining our industry-leading size, weight, and power advantage. All of our sensor systems are factory-calibrated over their full operating temperature range to ensure highly reliable performance between devices. Our cost-effective IMU, AHRS and GNSS/INS sensors are deployed a variety of defense and commercial platforms and are a mainstay of research and development labs across the world.


Monitoring component health is critical for maximizing machine availability and reducing operating costs. Industrial vehicles are subject to variable parameters that undermine their performance and longevity. Our integrated health monitoring system provides a scalable solution to track distributed component usage without disrupting performance or operation.