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WIRELESS networks

Wireless Nodes

LORD MicroStrain's wireless sensor networks (WSN) enable simultaneous, high-speed sensing and data acquisition from multiple wireless strain gauges, accelerometers, temperature, and millivolt inputs. Our range of wireless sensing systems are ideal for both small scale applications requiring a few sensor nodes and large scale applications requiring hundreds of sensor nodes.

MicroStrain® wireless sensor nodes offer a streamlined solution for remote and embedded monitoring that eliminates the need to install or maintain wires. Our wireless nodes support a wide range of sensor types and packaging options, allowing users to quickly configure their optimal network. Furthermore, low-power designs are coupled with internal batteries, and optional energy harvesters, for long-term application.

  •  IEPE-Link High Speed Wireless IEPE Accelerometer Sensor Node
    Wireless IEPE Sensor Node: Delivers periodic burst sampling with low noise, sensitive IEPE accelerometers, featuring 24-bit resolution, 104 kHz sample rates, 109.5 dB dynamic range, selectable filtering, and precise...
  • Watt-Link wireless AC power phase current and frequency monitoring sensor node
    Wireless Energy Monitoring Node: line powered node for AC power, phase, current, and frequency monitoring, with low duty cycle and synchronized sampling options
  • Microstrain SG-Link® -LXRS™ Wireless 2 Channel Analog Sensor Node
    Wireless 2 Channel Analog Input Sensor Node: Small, low-power, two-channel, analog input wireless sensor node with many sampling options and an internal temperature sensor channel
  • V-Link 7 Channel Analog input Wireless Sensor Node Product Image
    Wireless 7 Channel Analog Input Sensor Node: Features 4 differential input channels with optional bridge completion, 3 single ended input channel with 0-3 volt excitation, and an internal temperature sensor channel.
  • G-Link2-LXRS Ruggedized High Speed Wireless Accelerometer Sensor Node
    Wireless Accelerometer Node: A ruggedized accelerometer node with embedded processing, wireless communications, and precision synchronization with extended range capabilities to measure acceleration, vibration, and...
  • Microstrain G-Link® -LXRS™ Wireless Accelerometer Node
    Wireless Accelerometer Node: Features on-board triaxial ±2 g or ±10 g MEMS accelerometers and an internal temperature sensor.
  • RTD-Link LXRS Wireless RTD Sensor Node
    Wireless RTD Sensor Node: Features a standard RTD input connector and software programmable on-board linearization algorithms to support 2 or 4 wire PT100 RTD types.
  • Wireless Torque Sensor: Specialized analog sensor node designed to fit over rotating shafts for wireless strain and torque measurements.
  • Microstrain SG-Link® OEM -LXRS™ Analog Input Wireless Sensor Node
    Wireless OEM Analog Input Sensor Node- Extended Range: Small, low-cost two-channel analog sensor node ready for OEM integration, with extended range, and an internal temperature sensor channel
  • TC-Link -LXRS -6CH six channel wireless thermocouple sensor node
    Wireless 6 Channel Thermocouple Node: Features six standard thermocouple input connectors, an embedded cold junction temperature compensation sensor, and an optional relative humidity sensor.
  • TC-Link -LXRS -1CH Wireless Thermocouple Sensor Node
    Wireless 1 Channel Thermocouple Sensor Node: Features a standard thermocouple input connector with an embedded cold junction temperature compensation sensor.
  • SG-Link -RGD -LXRS Ruggedized Wireless Analog Input Sensor Node
    Ruggedized Wireless Analog Input Sensor Node: Integrates strain gauge signal conditioning, a triaxial accelerometer, and temperature sensor in an environmentally hardened form factor.
  • Microstrain DVRT-Link™ -LXRS™ Wireless Displacement Node
    Wireless Displacement Sensor Node: Provides high speed wireless data acquisition from all MicroStrain® DVRT® displacement sensors.