LORD MicroStrain's wireless sensor networks (WSN) enable simultaneous, high-speed sensing and data acquisition from multiple wireless strain gauges, accelerometers, temperature, and millivolt inputs. Our range of wireless sensing systems are ideal for both small scale applications requiring a few sensor nodes and large scale applications requiring hundreds of sensor nodes. MicroStrain® wireless sensor nodes offer a streamlined solution for remote and embedded monitoring that eliminates the need to install or maintain wires. Our wireless nodes support a wide range of sensor types and packaging options, allowing users to quickly configure their optimal network. Furthermore, low-power designs are coupled with internal batteries, and optional energy harvesters, for long-term application. Select a product below for more information.


LORD Sensing’s wireless 8-channel analog input sensor, ideal for precise measurement of a variety of conditions


The G-Link-200-8G includes an on-board triaxial accelerometer that allows high-resolution data acquisition with extremely low noise and...


G-Link®-200-40G - ruggedized high-speed triaxial accelerometer node with ± 10, ± 20, or ± 40 g measurement range

SG-Link® -LXRS®

Small, low-power two-channel analog sensor node with many sampling options


Ruggedized node with high-speed sampling and optional integrated three-axis accelerometer or an external single-axis accelerometer


Specialized high-speed node designed for synchronized, periodic burst sampling of piezoelectric devices

Torque-Link™ -LXRS®

Specialized analog sensor node designed to fit over rotating shafts for wireless strain and torque measurements


Small, low-cost two-channel analog sensor node ready for OEM integration


Specialized node designed for data acquisition from up to six standard thermocouples and an optional relative humidity sensor


Small, specialized node designed for data acquisition from standard thermocouples

RTD-Link™ -LXRS®

Specialized node designed for data acquisition from standard resistance temperature detectors


High-speed, wireless DVRT displacement sensor signal conditioner