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LORD MicroStrain® offers a range of miniature displacement sensors.  These include contact sensors, non-contact sensors, and signal conditioners. Within our contact sensors, we offer gauging, non-gauging, sub-miniature (very small) and micro-miniature (smallest available on the market) displacement sensor designs. 

LORD MicroStrain® displacement/position sensors are known as DVRTs (Differential Variable Reluctance Transducers) which are half-bridge LVDTs (Linear Variable Differential Transformers).  Our DVRTs deliver a very high linear stroke range to body length ratio, and can be used in environments where traditional LVDTs are too large.  LORD MicroStrain®’s miniature displacement transducers are extremely robust, capable of operating at temperatures up to 175°C in corrosive media such as saline, oil, and brake fluid.  The near frictionless design enables sensors to operate over millions of cycles without wear or degradation in signal quality.

LORD MicroStrain®’s displacement sensing products including transducers, signal conditioners, and motherboards. These systems provide highly precise measurement solutions.
LORD MicroStrain®’s contact displacement transducers deliver highly precise linear measurements with an extremely small, miniature design.  Both gauging and non-gauging displacement transducers are available.
Our non-contact displacement transducers are designed to measure the displacement and proximity of a metal target without physical contact.
LORD MicroStrain® offers wireless, analog, and digital output DVRT signal conditioners. Signal conditioners are required for use with LORD MicroStrain® DVRT displacement sensors.