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MicroStrain's wireless sensor networks (WSN) enable simultaneous, high-speed sensing and data acquisition from multiple wireless strain gauges, accelerometers, temperature, and millivolt inputs. Our range of wireless sensing systems include a new lossless protocol and are ideal for both small scale applications requiring a few sensor nodes and large scale applications requiring hundreds of sensor nodes. OEM options are available for embedded applications.
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MicroStrain's line of advanced inertial sensors provide a range of measurement options including orientation (pitch, roll, yaw or azimuth), single axis or dual axis inclination, linear acceleration, and angular rate. We offer simple inclinometers (or tiltmeters), inertial measurement units (IMUs), attitude heading reference systems (AHRS), and integrated GPS/INS systems.
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MicroStrain is a leader in adaptive energy harvesting electronics for wireless sensor networks. Our innovative energy harvesting technologies enable ambient energy sources to power wireless sensor networks or the long term, without the need for battery replacement, using sophisticated harvesters for energy conversion. More

MicroStrain's range of miniature displacement sensors, DVRTs, include gauging, non-gauging (free sliding core) and non-contact displacement transducers. The product line includes sub-miniature displacement sensors, micro-miniature displacement sensors, and miniature non-contact displacement sensors.
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