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3DM-RQ1™ -45

Ruggedized Tactical Grade GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System

The 3DM-RQ1™ -45 Ruggedized Tactical Grade GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS) combines a MEMS inertial sensor core with a high sensitivity GPS receiver, and a sophisticated Extended Kalman Filter to generate optimal position, velocity, and attitude (PVA) estimates. Time aligned raw GPS outputs and IMU measurements are also available to the user. The 3DM-RQ1™ -45 has been designed to meet the needs of applications that require tactical grade performance in a harsh operating environment while simultaneously demanding low cost and a small package size.

Best in Class

  •  precise position, velocity & attitude estimates
  •  fully configurable data outputs
  •  high immunity to shock and vibration
  •  compact, low profile, & light weight
  •  galvanically isolated
  •  -55 to 80 °C operation (-40 to 80 °C with heaterless model)
  •  designed to DO-160G for deployment in harsh environments

Easiest to Use

  •  simple integration supported by SDK & comprehensive API
  •  robust, forward compatible MIP™ packet protocol

Cost Effective

  •  reduced cost and rapid time to market for customer’s applications
  •  aggressive volume discount schedule

INS Specifications


Typical position accuracy

±2.5 m RMS horizontal, ±5 m RMS vertical

Typical velocity accuracy

±0.1 m/s RMS

Typical attitude accuracy

±0.1 deg RMS roll & pitch

±0.5 deg RMS heading

Typical attitude repeatability


Attitude resolution


Attitude, heading range

360° about all axes

Navigation filter update rate

500 Hz


vehicle dynamics mode selection,

user-defined sensor to vehicle frame transformation and offset,

antenna offset,

bias enable/disable,

external GPS and heading input support,

WGS84 gravity model,

WMM 2010 geomagnetic model

Output quantities

LLH position, NED velocity, attitude (Euler angles, orientation matrix or quaternion),

acceleration, angular rate, deltaTheta, deltaVelocity, GPS time, filter status,

PVA uncertainties, gravity-free linear acceleration,

 bias-compensated angular rate, estimated accel and gyro bias and scale factors

Data output rate   

1 Hz to 500 Hz




Baud rate

9,600 bps to 230,400 bps (115,200 bps default)

Power supply voltage

+10 to +28 volts DC

Power consumption

low temp model:  2.5 W at 0 to 80 °C case temp; up to 6 W at -55 to 0 °C case temp; 25 W during pre-heat (up to 1 min at startup if case temp is below -25 °C)
standard model (heaterless)*:  2.5 W at -40 °C to 80 °C case temp


Glenair series 801 "Mighty Mouse" 7 pin circular

Operating temperature (case temp)

low temp model: -55 to 80 °C; standard (heaterless) model*: -40 to 80 °C


6 g RMS 10-2000 Hz


750 g half sine  2 msec powered any axis


88.3 mm x 76.2 mm x 22.2 mm
3.48 in x 3.00 in x 0.87 in


205 grams


ROHS Compliant,  DO-160G

Software utility

CD in starter kit (XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 compatible)

Software development kit (SDK)

complete data communications protocol and sample code


MIP™ Packet Protocol

Sensor Specifications





Measurement range

±5 g



±0.03 % fs

±0.03 % fs

In-run bias stability

±0.02 mg


Initial bias error

±0.001 g


Scale factor stability

±0.05 %

±0.05 %

Noise density

50 µg/√Hz


Alignment error



Bandwidth (maximum)

250 Hz

160 Hz

Sampling rate

10 kHz

10 kHz


<0.04 mg


Vibration rectification error (Typical)


0.001°/s/g2 rms

Vibration induced noise

0.06°/srms/g2 rms

4 stage filtering

analog low pass filter, digital sigma-delta anti-alias filter, user adjustable low pass filter, coning & sculling at 1000 Hz




 ±75°/sec, ±150°/sec,  ±900°/sec


GPS Receiver

GPS receiver type

50 Channels, L1 frequency, GPS C/A Code


GPS solution update rate

Up to 4Hz


Cold Start (Autonomous): 36 sec

Warm Start (Autonomous): 36 sec

Hot Start: < 1 sec

GPS tacking and navigation sensitivity

-159 dBm

GPS reacquisition sensitivity

-159 dBm

GPS cold start (autonomous) sensitivity

-141 dBm

GPS velocity accuracy

0.1 m/sec

GPS heading accuracy


GPS horizontal position accuracy

< 2.5 m Autonomous

< 2.0 m SBAS (CEP, stationary 24 hours, SEP 3.5 m)

GPS timepulse signal accuracy

30 nsec RMS

< 60 nsec 99%

GPS acceleration limit

≤ 4 g

GPS altitude limit

no limit

GPS velocity limit

500 m/sec (972 knots)

GPS antenna connector

SMA type

Data output rate

1 Hz to 4 Hz


*contact factory for availability of standard (heaterless) model

#1606: How do I set the 3DM-RQ1-45 back to its default settings?

Using MIP Monitor software, to reset the device to the factory defaults:

  • Establish communication as normal with the sensor.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Load Default Settings and a message box pops up.
  • Click OK and the message box disappears.
  • Click Settings again.
  • Click Save Current Settings and a message box pops up.
  • Click OK and the message box disappears.

This process does not erase any hard and soft iron calibration that may be on the device.

The Hard and Soft Iron Cal software we provide must be used to do that.


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