The G-Link-200-8G includes an on-board triaxial accelerometer that allows high-resolution data acquisition with extremely low noise and drift.

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Ideal for linear control and precision measurement applications, the miniature LS-LVDT provides fast response and rugged packaging.

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The V-Link 200 is LORD Sensing’s new wireless 8-channel analog input sensor, ideal for precise measurement of a variety of conditions—everything from voltage to acceleration.

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The WSDA-200-USB is a small, low-cost wireless gateway that collects synchronized data from scalable networks of wireless sensor nodes

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Design your own sensing system based on these measurement PARAMETERS.

You can find our systems on these APPLICATIONS:

Latest blog posts

7 reasons to monitor torque (plus 7 reasons to use Torque-Link™)


The Torque-Link®-LXRS® is a is a specialized analog sensor node designed to fit over rotating shafts for wireless strain and torque measurements. It features one/two differential analog input...

Announcing the release of our new CV5-10 IMU inertial sensor!


The LORD Sensing 3DM-CV5 family of industrial-grade board-level inertial sensors provides a wide range of triaxial inertial measurements and computed attitude and navigation solutions.

Announcing the release of our new GX5-15 VR inertial sensor!


The LORD Sensing 3DM-GX5-15 Vertical Reference Unit is a high- performance, industrial-grade inertial sensor, engineered to provide a wide range of triaxial inertial measurements and computed...

Durable Sensors for Blender Truck Applications


LORD Sensing is the perfect choice for Blender Truck applications. We provide a variety of durable sensors for accurate measurements of pressure, temperature, and load.
GT2250 Series - Pressure...

Why LORD sensing?

LORD Sensing is committed to quality, innovation, and outstanding customer service throughout the company. We are recipients of the prestigious National Tibbetts Award for exemplary achievement in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, and our sensing solutions have earned multiple accolades, including several Best of Sensors Expo awards.

Our entire product line is backed by our award-winning sale and support team, and it is AS9100C and ISO 9001-compliant. Using a combination of in-house assembly and components supplied by certified manufacturers, we offer quality products while maintaining cost efficiencies. Each sensor is tested and calibrated before shipment for quality assurance and reliability.


Further your career in a cutting-edge industry with vibrant, motivated colleagues. Our technologies are used in vital applications around the world, giving you the opportunity to make a difference on a global scale.

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