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LORD Unveils New V-Link-200 Wireless Sensor, Building on Success of Original V-Link

(Cary, NC - September 27. 2016) – LORD Sensing-MicroStrain–a global leader in developing embedded sensing systems–has introduced the latest generation in its award-winning line of wireless sensor nodes. The V-Link-200 is a wireless 8-channel analog input sensor node that adds numerous benefits to the highly successful first-generation V-Link node.
The V-Link-200 is designed with an available sample rate eight times higher than the original; it accurately samples continuously up to 4,096 Hz. The node also features 18 bits of resolution, which is four times more than the first generation V-Link. Among the other improvements are dual power options (long-life internal batteries and hardwired 6-30 V DC externally-supplied power), increased onboard data storage capable of up to eight million data points, and an added eighth input channel.
The eight channels are all individually configurable and include four ±10 V single-ended DC inputs and four ±150 mV fully differential DC inputs. The differential inputs include a user-programmable 3rd-order low-pass filter and gain up to 2048x (±1 mV range).
“This new generation of V-Link is our most advanced and high-performing wireless node to date,” said Justin Bessette, LORD Sensing Manager of Wireless Systems and Software Engineering. “Its higher sample rate, better resolution, and the ability to be self-powered, via the long-lasting internal batteries, makes it an ideal component for precise measurement of a variety of conditions—everything from voltage to acceleration.”
As part of a scalable LORD Sensing wireless network, which includes SensorConnect™ software for data visualization and SensorCloud™ for data analysis and storage, the V-Link-200 can remotely collect massive amounts of data from virtually anywhere in the world. Like all LORD Sensing nodes, the V-Link runs on MicroStrain’s LXRS lossless data protocol, ensuring 100% reliable data throughput under most operating conditions.
Call 1-802-862-6629 or email sensing_sales@lord.com for product inquiries. For more information on the V-Link-200, click here.
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LORD Sensing - MicroStrain’s range of sensing solutions includes inertial measurement systems, micro-displacement transducers, wireless sensor networks and energy harvesting technologies. Solutions range from rapidly deployed test and measurement to long-term embedded health monitoring. Applications include structural health monitoring, condition-based maintenance, navigation and control, environmental monitoring, and rotating component health. Recognized as a leader in the sensor industry, LORD MicroStrain has received numerous product innovation awards. Visit http://www.microstrain.com for additional information.
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