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WIRELESS networks



Use the following form to select your node quantity and WSDA® gateway type.

DVRT-Link -LXRS Wireless Displacement Sensor Node

DVRT-Link-LXRS-1CH-M Sensor Node

(P/N: 6318-1000 Online Price: $795.00)


  • # of selected DVRT-Link nodes
WSDA Gateway Selection

Gateway Starter Kit (includes software & cables)

(P/N: 6xxx-xxxx Online Price: $0.00)


  • Gateway (select your required connection type)
  • Required cabling
  • Node Commander software
  • Node charger


  • Robotics and machine control
  • Linear/angular positioning of optical components
  • Quality control
  • Production Process Monitoring
  • Structural load and stress monitoring

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