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MSCL is the MicroStrain Communication Library. It was created to make it simple to write code to interact with our Wireless and Inertial sensors.


  • Completely open source.
  • Support for C++, Python, and .NET (C#, VB, LabVIEW, MATLAB).
  • Fully Documented.
  • Includes example code and a Quick Start Guide.
  • Unit Tested.
  • Used in our own projects, such as SensorConnect and the WSDA-2000.
  • Platform Independent (can be compiled for Windows, Linux)
Download MSCL on GitHub

Open Source

MSCL is completely open source under the MIT License. It is available on GitHub.

With the open source license, you can see what's going on below the surface, make changes as needed, and include it in your own projects without any worry.

On GitHub, you can ask questions, report issues, and join the other developers who are using MSCL.

MSCL Supported Languages

Multi-Language Support

MSCL is developed in C++, with wrappers available in a variety of languages. The library is currently available in

  • C++
  • Python
  • .NET (C#, VB, MATLAB, LabVIEW)

A VI package is also available that provides an easy to implement LabVIEW interface to the .NET version of MSCL.

For more details, visit the LabVIEW-MSCL Github Page.

Fully Documented

Documentation is generated using the source code itself. Classes, function, variables, etc. are all documented in the code comments. When those comments change, the documentation changes along with it for a seamless coding experience.

All the documentation is searchable, and types link to their own respective pages.

Looking to modify the source code? Separate documentation is available that contains the additional private and unexposed functionality of MSCL.

View the Documentation
MSCL Documentation
MSCL Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide and Example Code

A Quick Start Guide is available which shows common uses of MSCL, such as configuring a device, and parsing live data. Switch between programming languages in the right column to find help with your language of choice.

Example code is provided in the standard download of MSCL and is currently offered in C++, C#, and Python for the Wireless, Inertial, and Displacement product lines.

View the Quick Start Guide

Data Communication Protocols

If MSCL doesn't meet your needs, you can still develop code to use our products!

Visit the Protocols section of our GitHub for the low-level details of how to communicate with our Wireless and Inertial devices.
Commands, configuration settings, and data packet documentation are all available.