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Robot Operating System (ROS) is an open-source, meta-operating system for your robot. It provides hardware abstraction, low-level device control, implementation of commonly-used functionality, message-passing between processes, and package management.

ROS can be used in building and simulating robotics applications, as well as unmanned ground vehicles and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). To facilitate better integration within the ROS ecosystem, Microstrain has develop an open source License free (MIT License) series of drivers specifically designed and tested for ROS.

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SensorConnect is our main PC software for Wireless and Inertial sensor configuration and data collection.

Configure devices, start networks, and collect and analyze data in real-time from our Wireless and Inertial products.

Use our intelligent data collection and graphing algorithms to visualize massive amounts of data instantly without delay.

View raw packet communication with sensors and gateways to aid in troubleshooting and development.

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SensorCloud Example


SensorCloud allows you to upload unlimited amounts of Wireless data to view and analyze from anywhere in the world.

Analyze data with MathEngine, which allows you to run algorithms on your data. Take it a step further and write your own Python scripts in the cloud.

Plug and play support with the Wireless System Ethernet gateways. Wireless data is automatically uploaded directly to your SensorCloud account.

Set email and text alerts on your data to be notified when events occur.

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MSCL and other APIs

The MicroStrain Communication Library (MSCL) makes it simple to write code that interacts with our Wireless sensors. It is hosted on GitHub and completely open source under the MIT License. Full documentation, example code, and a quick start guide are provided to help you get started.

If MSCL doesn't meet your needs, Data Communication Protocols are available in the Protocols section of our GitHub page.

SensorCloud also provides a REST API to allow any data to be uploaded as you see fit. You can access it in the SensorCloud section of our GitHub page.

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SensorCloud Example
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MIP Monitor

MIP Monitor is PC software specifically for our legacy inertial products.

Note: MIP Monitor will no longer be updated with new features or product support. It is recommended that SensorConnect be used for improved configuration, data visualization, collection, and analytics.

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Node Commander®

Node Commander is our legacy PC software for Wireless products.

Note: Node Commander will no longer be updated with new features or product support. It is recommended that SensorConnect be used for improved data collection, analytics, and configuration.

Download Node Commander (2.17.0) 64-bit Download Node Commander (2.17.0) 32-bit Node Commander User Manual

Note: Node Commander is not compatible with Windows 10.

Node Commander Screenshot