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Energy Harvesting

MicroStrain is a leader in adaptive energy harvesting electronics for wireless sensor networks. Our innovative energy harvesting technologies enable ambient energy sources to power wireless sensor networks or the long term, without the need for battery replacement, using sophisticated harvesters for energy conversion.

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MicroStrain's energy harvesting sensor, the EH-Link, is a hybrid wireless sensor node that is powered by energy from select harvesters and can output a variety of data.
MicroStrain's wireless gateways, or base stations, provide seamless communication between a host PC, single board computer, or microcontroller, and remote wireless energy harvesting sensor nodes. Our easy-to-use software assists in configuration of the energy harvesting sensor nodes.
MicroStrain's energy harvesting sensor is compatible with a variety of harvesters. Harvesters may be purchased individually, or as part of a pioneer/starter kit.