Our sensor networks provide a long-term, cost effective health monitoring solution for civil structures. From bridges and dams to tunnels and buildings, our miniature sensor design and scalable network characteristics allow for quick integration. Innovative power management and energy harvesting capabilities support autonomous deployment, which eliminates the need for you to replace batteries.

MicroStrain Wireless Bridge Monitoring with Live Connect

White Paper

Authored by MicroStrain Inc.: 2012

MicroStrain wireless bridge monitoring systems enable long-term performance diagnostics with energy harvesting and remote cloud-based data analytics.

SensorCloud wireless bridge health monitoring

Application Note

LORD MicroStrain

BridgeComposites, LLC of Hornell, NY uses a LORD MicroStrain wireless bridge monitoring system to evaluate seismic isolation bearings.

Remotely Reprogrammable Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring

White Paper

Authored by Arms, A. et al., for Structural Material Technology: 2004

Remote sensing network comprised of low power miniature sensors and cellular interface enables scalable structural monitoring with two way communication for adaptable data collection.

Civil Structure Strain Monitoring with Power-Efficient, High-Speed Wireless Sens

White Paper

Authored by Galbreath, J. et al., at MicroStrain, Inc.: 2003

High-speed wireless sensor network with user-triggered and event-triggered data streaming capabilities enables long-term bridge interrogation under numerous operating conditions.


Application Note


Sensors for Displacement Measuring

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