Please note, we have rebranded the DVRT products to the newly named LVDT product line.

LORD Sensing-MicroStrain® miniature LVDT deliver a very high linear stroke range to body length ratio, and can be used in environments where traditional LVDTs are too large. Our miniature displacement transducers are extremely robust, capable of operating at temperatures up to 175°C in corrosive media such as saline, oil, and brake fluid. The near frictionless design enables sensors to operate over millions of cycles without wear or degradation in signal quality. Select a product below for more information.


Miniature, low cost DVRT signal conditioning module.


High-performance, expandable DVRT signal conditioner.


LORD Sensing Differential Variable Reluctance Transducer (LVDT®) systems enable precise micro-position measurement for a wide variety of...

Non-Contact LVDT

NC-LVDT, Non-Contact, Displacement Sensor

Microminiature Gauging LVDT

MG-LVDT, Microminiature Gauging, Spring-Loaded Core, Displacement Sensor

Microminiature LVDT

Ideal for critical linear displacement measurements, the Microminiature LVDT delivers high performance in a tiny package.

Subminiature Gauging LVDT

Subminiature LVDT sensor for high-accuracy position measurements up to 38 mm using a spring-loaded, captive actuator.

Subminiature LVDT

S-LVDT, Subminiature, Free Core, Displacement Sensor


LS-LVDT, Long Stroke, Free Core, Displacement Sensor