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Sensing for Robotics & Automation

Microstrain's groundbreaking micro-sensor solutions offer an unmatched combination of lightweight, low-profile performance ideal in robotics and automation, where weight and space constraints are critical to achieve optimal performance. As robotics and automatic processes become increasingly critical in our everyday lives - whether on the manufacturing floor, in our homes, or in robotic delivery platforms - the need for cost effective, highly accurate, and highly reliable performance becomes paramount.

MicroStrain's feature-rich sensor designs deliver the reliability and accuracy needed to incorporate sophisticated capabilities into autonomous devices and robotic instruments, and offer easy integration with ROS (robot operating system support).

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Case Studies and Applications

Application Note


Sensors for Displacement Measuring

Case Study

ParkerHannifin MicroStrain

MicroStrain inertial sensors help Team Explorer, from Carnegie Mellon and Oregon State University win the first 2019 DARPA challenge event. with both aerial and ground robots.

Case Study

John Bergstrom

A case study of the GQ7 with dual antenna and RTK modem to collect navigation and position data using SensorConnect Software