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MicroStrain inertial sensors guide unmanned ground vehicles

Unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) decouple human operators from the environment they are accessing. This ability makes unmanned platforms an attractive technology for hazardous and difficult-to-access settings. The appeal and effectiveness of these systems prompted Congress to mandate that 1/3 of all US military vehicles be unmanned by 2015. Yet, dependability and cost concerns a

Fixed-Wing Wireless Health Monitoring

Why monitor fixed-wing health?

By monitoring aircraft component health, operators and manufacturers are able to more accurately detect defects, premature wear, and other issues that result in increased maintenance costs and unexpected downtime. Monitoring conditions such as vibration, strain, and noise can also result in safer operation, as well as a more pleasant experience for crew and passengers.

Flight Testing of Wireless Sensor Network for Rotorcraft SHUMS

Abstract: The ability to identify and predict the fatigue of structural components before they threaten rotorcraft performance is highly valuable. According to the U.S. Navy, 90% of rotorcraft total life cycle (TLC) costs occur after initial delivery.  Understanding the condition of rotorcraft can provide considerable maintenance efficiencies as well as improve the safety of system operators.  As a result aircraft platform can achieve higher availability, safer operation, and reduced maintenance costs.


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