Parker LORD Recognized as One of 75 Companies Powering Vision-Enabled Platforms

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  • Published Fri, 06/11/2021 - 15:08

As the robotics industry continues to evolve and expand, competition becomes fierce among companies vying to have their products embedded on robotic platforms. Tangram Vision, a Colorado-based software startup, aims to build and expand the software infrastructure for drones and robots.

Tangram Vision recently published The 2021 Perception Sensor Industry Map, which depicted the major players and current status of the Perception Sensor Industry. MicroStrain IMUs were identified as a primary component of many perception sensing applications.

2021 Perception Sensor Industry Map
Provided by Tangram Vision

Parker LORD is proud to support the growth of the perception industry and we look forward to supporting your application. To find out more about our MicroStrain high performance sensors, check out our inertial sensing portfolio or let one of our experts guide you.