MicroStrain to Join the HBK Family

  • By joe.beckwith
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  • Published Mon, 09/18/2023 - 20:21

MicroStrain Sensing Systems is excited to announce its integration into the HBK family, following the successful acquisition by Spectris plc (SXS: LSE). This move has been finalized on September 19, 2023 after a thorough regulatory process in the United States.

The intention of Spectris to acquire MicroStrain from Parker Hannifin Corporation (NYSE: PH) was made public in June. As part of the HBK family, we will now operate under the name MicroStrain by HBK.

About Us

Based in Vermont, MicroStrain is renowned for its proficiency in designing and manufacturing high-precision inertial and wireless sensing systems. Our products are tailored for the industrial and tactical-grade sector within the inertial sensing systems market. The rising demand from industrial automation and burgeoning sectors like robotics, logistics, automation, unmanned vehicles, and mobility applications has significantly propelled our growth. We are proud to serve a broad spectrum of esteemed customers, many of whom are trailblazers in the robotics and autonomous equipment sectors.

Tom Leamon, MicroStrain Business Manager, comments: "The MicroStrain team is thrilled to be joining the HBK organization. With HBK's sensor-focused business strategy and an established client base, we foresee collaborate growth for both MicroStrain and HBK's business entities. The alignment in organizational culture has been seamless, and both teams are enthusiastic about exploring the wealth of new business opportunities.

Ben Bryson, President of HBK, shared: “We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of MicroStrain. This move strengthens our North American presence, enhances our customer offer, and expands our presence in agriculture. We are excited to leverage these new capabilities and technologies to accelerate our smart sensor offerings and drive innovation for our customers. This is a significant investment and reinforces our ‘Empower the Innovators’ strategy providing exceptional sensing and insights to create solutions for a cleaner, healthier and more productive world.”

A Bright Future Ahead

This acquisition symbolizes not only a merging of expertise but also a promising horizon for MicroStrain. By integrating with HBK, we gain access to a broader network, advanced technological resources, and a shared vision for innovation in the sensing systems domain. This partnership equips HBK with further technological prowess and simultaneously provides MicroStrain with unparalleled opportunities for growth and expansion in the automation and smart manufacturing sectors.

For more details about MicroStrain, please visit microstrain.com.