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The SG-Link® -RGD -LXRS® ia a versatile, ruggedized four-channel analog sensor node with integrated triaxial accelerometer.

Product Highlights

  • Four analog input channels, integrated three-axis accelerometer, and an internal temperature sensor
  • Integrated strain sensor signal conditioning, embedded processing, and environmentally hardened form factor ideal for permanently mounting over strain gauges
  • Supports conventional bonded foil, piezoelectric-resistive, Wheatstone bridge, and modular Columbia Research
  • Labs-type strain gauges
  • Integrated triaxial accelerometer with MEMS technology and +/- 16 g range
  • User-programmable sample rates up to 4096 Hz
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Wireless Simplicity, Hardwired Reliability

High Performance

  • Node-to-node synchronization up to ±32 microseconds
  • High resolution data with 16-bit A/D converter
  • Scalable, long range wireless sensor networks up to 2 km

Ease of Use

  • Flex bonding cable and node form factor allow quick installation over existing strain gauges
  • Low profile, environmentally sealed enclosure
  • On-board shunt calibration

Cost Effective

  • Reduction of costs associated with wiring
  • Out-of-the box wireless sensing solution reduces development and deployment time.



Sensor input channels

Differential analog, 4 channels

Integrated sensors

Triaxial MEMS accelerometer, 3 channels

Internal temperature, 1 channel

Data storage capacity

2 M bytes (up to 1,000,000 data points, data type dependent)

Analog Input Channels

Measurement range

Differential: full-bridge, 350 Ω (factory configurable)

Accuracy and resolution

± 0.1% full scale typical, 16 bit resolution

Anti-aliasing filter bandwidth

Single-pole Butterworth

-3 dB cutoff @ 250 Hz

Bridge excitation voltage

+2.7 V dc, 50 mA total for all channels

(pulsed @ sample rates 16 Hz to conserve power)

Measurement gain and offset

User-selectable in software on differential channels gain values from 104 to 1800

Integrated Accelerometer Channels

Measurement range

± 16 g

Accuracy and resolution

± 4 mg, 13 bit resolution

Integrated Temperature Channel

Measurement range

-40 °C to 85 °C

Accuracy and resolution

± 2 °C (at 25 °C) typical, 16 bit resolution


Sampling modes

Synchronized, low duty cycle, datalogging

Sampling rates

Continuous sampling: 1 sample/hour to 512 Hz

Periodic burst sampling: 32 Hz to 4096 Hz

Datalogging: 32 Hz to 4096 Hz

Sample rate stability

± 3 ppm

Network capacity

Up to 2000 nodes per RF channel (and per gateway) depending on the number of active channels and sampling settings. Refer to the system bandwidth calculator:

Synchronization between nodes

± 32 μsec

Operating Parameters

Radio frequency (RF)

transceiver carrier

2.405 to 2.470 GHz direct sequence spread spectrum over 14 channels, license free worldwide, radiated power programmable from 0 dBm (1 mW) to 16 dBm (39 mW); low power option available for use outside the U.S.- limited to 10dBm (10mW)

Range for bi-directional RF link

70 m to 2 km line of sight with RF power setting

RF communication protocol

IEEE 802.15.4

Power source

Replaceable 3.7 V dc, 1.7 Ah Tadiran TL-5935 1/6 D-cell battery

Power consumption

960 uA ( 3.46 mW) @ 3.6 V dc, 32 HZ, 3 ch, no duty cycling

10.6 mA (38.16 mW) @ 3.6 V dc, 256 Hz, 3 ch, no duty cycling

4.0 mA (14.4 mW) @ 3.6 V dc, 256 Hz, 1 ch, no duty cycling

Operating temperature

-40 ˚C to + 85 ˚C

Acceleration limit

500 g standard (high g option available)

Physical Specifications


101 mm x 46 mm x 26 mm


150 g (including battery)

EMI/EMC rating


Enclosure material

Clear polycarbonate


Compatible gateways

All WSDA® base stations and gateways

Compatible sensors>

Bridge type analog sensors


Flex cable terminal/solder pads (flex cable included)

Shunt calibration

Internal shunt calibration resistor 499 KΩ, differential channels<


SensorCloud™, SensorConnect™, Node Commander®, Windows 7 (or newer)

Software development

Open-source MicroStrain Communications Library (MSCL) with sample code available in C++,Python,and.NET formats (OS and computing platform independent):

Regulatory compliance

FCC (U.S.), IC (Canada), ROHS



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