Turkey Cooking Challenge: MicroStrain TC-Link® Wireless Sensor vs. Digital Meat Thermometer

  • By Beth
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  • Published Fri, 12/15/2017 - 14:13
sensorconnect turkey challenge

What does our technical support engineer, Andy Deering use to measure the internal temperature of his holiday turkey? LORD wireless sensing equipment, of course!

Looking for a way to make his holiday turkey cooking easier and more interesting, Andy set up a bird-to-bird cooking challenge in his outdoor smoker. Attaching connectors to two separate channels on the TC-Link and inserting one probe in each turkey, with the addition of a traditional digital meat thermometer on turkey #2, the competition was set.

turkey challenge

Thanks to LORD SensorConnect software, Andy monitored the temperature and the accuracy of the two competitors on a laptop from the comfort of his living room. Check it out, turkey #1 on the left with TC-Link alone measuring the temperature proved to be more accurate than turkey #2 with the digital thermometer. Score: 1-0 in favor of our wireless sensing equipment.

sensorconnect turkey challenge

It is true that the TC-Link node is designed to monitor the temperature in the semi-truck carrying the food you buy at the local grocery store or the fermentation process of your favorite beer, for example. But our innovative spirit means people like Andy are always considering unique ways to use our wireless sensors which often leads to surprising product applications … yes, even cooking turkeys! Learn more about our wireless sensing products here or reach out to Andy for unique wireless applications.

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