DEMOD-DC® Low Cost LORD LVDT Signal Conditioner

The DEMOD-DC® in-line signal conditioner makes LORD LVDT® sensors as easy to use as a potentiometer. With integral signal conditioning electronics, the user connects power, ground and analog out, and the DEMOD-DC® outputs a buffered, high-frequency response voltage proportional to linear position. During the manufacturing process the analog output voltage is digitally trimmed, ensuring that every LVDT®’s offset and gain values produce optimal system output accuracy. The DEMOD-DC® provides internal power regulation and reverse polarity protection, and will operate with a wide range of input voltages.

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Signal Conditioner

  • Sensor Types: Parker LORD inductive LVDT (formerly DVRT®) sensors
  • Excitation: Regulated sinewave, 150 kHz standard (other frequencies available on request)
  • Demodulation: Asynchronous, DC output
  • Gain: Factory adjustable from 10 to 10,000
  • Low-Pass Filter: 2 Pole, 3dB down @ 800Hz standard, factory adjustable 10Hz to 20kHz for higher bandwidth (lower resolution) or higher resolution (lower bandwidth)


  • 0 to 5V typical, digitally trimmed
  • Unique calibration curves provided with each unit for optimal accuracy
  • Supply Voltage: +6 to +16 VDC
  • Supply Current: 22 mA typical (~15 mA when modified for use with V-Link-200 wireless node)
  • Warm-Up Time: 30 seconds recommended


  • Operating Tempurature: -40 to +85°C
  • Enclosure Size: 65.7mm x 19.9mm x 8.3mm
  • Connector:
    • Interface: micro-D (MIL-C-83513/5) mating connector included for power supply, ground, analog output
    • Sensor: 4-pin PEEK LEMO connector
  • Weight: 12g

Use Cases

Inline Process Verification

Rugged, environmentally insensitive sensors are ideally suited for integration into a multitude of in-line production process verification tasks.

Miniature size allows access to nearly any feature.

Many “standard” features can be customized to fit a specific application:

  • custom calibrated stroke ranges
  • modified body or core lengths
  • hermetic or “pressure-equalized” versions

Machine Displacement Feedback

Miniature sensors allow for integration into complex mechanical assemblies for displacement feedback of mechanical grippers, relative position of targets and closed loop position control.

Adjustable filtering allows for high bandwidth which enables quick feedback and responsive machine control systems.

Test & Measurement

Multiple sizes, stroke lengths, accuracy, and filter settings provide sensors for every test and measurement application.

Calibrated displacement systems shortens startup time and ensures accurate results out of the box.

Integration with our wireless sensors (V-Link-200 for example) enables rapid integration and the added features of SensorConnect and/or SensorCloud.



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