LORD Sensing Linear Variable Differential Transducer (LVDT) systems enable precise micro-position measurement for a wide variety of applications. Each system includes a sensor, cable, and signal conditioning module calibrated as one unit to ensure accurate, repeatable measurement

The Demod-DIGITAL stores specific calibration values in an internal lookup table and provides a highly accurate displacement output on both digital serial and analog output channels.

NOTE: Designed for use with LORD Sensing LVDT sensors. With a Demod-DIGITAL purchase, current LORD Sensing customers may return sensors for calibration free of charge.

Product Highlights

  • Internal calibration data delivers unmatched accuracy
  • Digital serial and analog outputs
  • 10X to 50X more accurate, repeatable signal processing
  • Clean, high-level signals to output connections
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High Performance

  • Precision synchronous demodulation
  • Calibrated with each sensor for high accuracy outputs
  • Line voltage transient filtering and pure sine wave excitation source to the sensor bridge

Ease of Use

  • No conversion needed for digital output.
  • Compatible with LORD Sensing SensorConnect™ software
  • Factory-set output filtering and calibration-model options
  • Rapid warm-up time
  • Complete solution - no other system integration required


Sensor input channels Single channel, inductive LVDT

Sensor Input Channel

Demodulation Synchronous, DC output
Sensor excitation AC Sine Wave, 140 kHz typical

Analog Output

Analog output voltage 0 to 10 V dc (standard), 0 to 5 V dc (optional)
Output gain Adjustable from 14 to 10,000 (factory set during calibration)
Analog low pass filter Two-pole, active Butterworth, -3 dB at 10 Hz

Digital Output

Format RS232 (RS485 upon request)
Data Timestamp, Displacement (mm)

Operating Parameters

Power source 12 V dc nominal ±1 V dc (universal voltage wall AC/DC converter provided)
Power consumption 70 mA typical
Power indicator Multi-color status indicator
Operating temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
Device warm-up time 5 minutes recommended

Physical Specifications

Dimensions 70 mm x 95 mm x 20 mm
Weight 113 grams
Enclosure material Black anodized aluminum
Mounting Desktop with rubber feet


Connectors Center-positive DC barrel socket (power supply); 4 pin M8 receptacle (sensor input);HDBNC (analog output);Micro-DB9
Sensor cable 4-pin receptacle to 4-pin mini, calibrated with sensor and signal conditioner
Compatible sensors LORD Sensing LVDT sensors
Software SensorConnect™ and SensorCloud™
Regulatory compliance CE,ROHS

General Documentation

General Documentation

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