MicroStrain 3DM-GV7-AR Tactical Grade Ruggedized IMU/VRU

Ruggedized IP68 tactical grade IMU/VRU. Individually calibrated for optimum performance. Features an advanced Extended Kalman Filter, cutting-edge orientation algorithms, advanced time management, and event triggering system.



  • Tactical grade gyro (1.5°/hr bias instability)
  • Fully calibrated over entire temperature range
  • Roll/pitch accuracy
    • Static: 0.25°
    • Dynamic: 0.5°


  • Onboard Extended Kalman Filter for attitude estimation
  • User-selectable accelerometer and gyroscope range
  • Adjustable sampling rates up to 1 KHz
  • Factory supported ROS1 and ROS2 driver
  • SensorConnect software for configuration, control, display, and logging
  • MSCL open source API for easy integration


  • Ruggedized IP68 package
  • Precision-machined anodized aluminum enclosure
  • Precision alignment features
  • Compact and low profile
    • 36.2 mm x 36.6 mm x 10.2 mm
    • 17.7 grams
  • –40 to +85°C operating temperature range

Use Cases


Compact, state-of-the art inertial sensors with proven fifth generation high-performance industrial grade solid-state MEMS accelerometer and gyro inertial sensor technology.

Low-cost, compact size and full 360-degree measurement range about all axes

Full accuracy over the entire operational temperature range of -40°C to 85°

Auto-Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter for optimal dynamic accuracy and on-vehicle performance.

Mobile Robotics

Low-noise, linear, and stable MEMS gyros and accelerometers enable superior heading accuracy during turns & bumps

Auto-adaptive Kalman Filter algorithms provide exceptional dynamic performance

Auto self-calibration and automatic anomaly rejection make units with magnetometer reliable and accurate heading reference

Fully calibrated and temperature compensated IMUs provide stable performance in demanding environments

Antenna and Camera Pointing

Low-noise, low latency, and linear MEMS gyros and accelerometers result in accurate and stable attitude tracking

Rugged machined aluminum industrial packaging provides reliable performance in high-vibration and shock environments

Compact OEM versions for embedded applications permit lower cost without losing accuracy




SensorConnect is the next generation in desktop sensing software.

From configuration of nodes and starting networks, to collecting and analyzing data in real-time, SensorConnect provides a modern, powerful experience with our Wireless, Inertial, and Displacement products.

Using our intelligent data collection and graphing algorithms, you are able to visualize massive amounts of data instantly, and then zoom in on points of interest just as fast.

Built in MathEngine functionality allows for both real-time and post-processed math, such as generating FFTs, averages, RMS, etc.


Free and open source API

The MicroStrain Communication Library (MSCL) makes it simple to write code that interacts with our Wireless, Inertial, and Displacement sensors.

MSCL is completely open source and hosted on GitHub under the MIT license.

Full documentation, example code, and a quick start guide are provided to help you get started.

Available for C++, Python, and .NET.


Robot Operating System (ROS) is an open-source, meta-operating system for your robot. It provides the services you would expect from an operating system, including hardware abstraction, low-level device control, implementation of commonly-used functionality, message-passing between processes, and package management. ROS can be used in building and simulating robotics applications, as well as unmanned ground vehicles and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). To facilitate better integration within the ROS ecosystem Microstrain has develop an open source License free (MIT License) series of drivers specifically designed and tested for ROS.

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