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Product Status
The G-Link-200 is a battery powered wireless 3-axis accelerometer with a rugged, weatherproof enclosure. The G-Link-200 provides extremely low noise waveform data, ideal for vibration, impact, motion, and tilt monitoring applications. Additionally, derived vibration parameters allow for long-term condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

MicroStrain wireless sensor networks are fast to deploy and provide reliable, lossless data throughput. These networks are proven to work in demanding industries where reliable data acquisition is critical.
System Overview


  • ±2G to 8G
  • ±10G to 40

Types of Sensing:

  • Acceleration/Deceleration
  • Motion
  • Vibratio

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Features & Benefits
  • Integrated 3 axis high performance accelerometer
  • ±2/4/8G and ±10/20/40G range options
  • DC to 1KHz accelerometer bandwidth
  • 20-bit Signal Conditioner
  • Extremely low noise density 25 µg/√Hz
  • User controlled High- and Low-Pass Digital Filters
  • On-board high precision temperature sensor(+/- 0.1°C)
  • –40 to +85 °C operating temperature range
  • IP67 Rating
  • 303 series stainless steel mounting base with ¼ 28 UNF mounting hole
  • 3 on-board high capacity ½ AA 3.6V LiSOCL2 Batteries (13.0Wh)


  • Integrated 3-axis high performance accelerometer
  • DC to 1KHz bandwidth
  • Adjustable input range
    • ±2/4/8G (G-Link-200-8G)
    • ±10/20/40G (G-Link-200-40G)
  • Extremely low noise density
    • 25 µg/√Hz (G-Link-200-8G)
    • 80 µg/√Hz (G-Link-200-40G)
  • Programmable high- and low-pass digital filters
  • On-board temperature sensor (+/- 0.25°C)
  • Tilt (±1° accuracy, <0.1° precision)


  • Adjustable sampling rate up to 4 kHz
  • Continuous, periodic burst, or event-triggered operation
  • LXRS protocol allows lossless data collection, scalable network size, and node synchronization of ±50 µs
  • Output acceleration waveform data, tilt, and/or derived vibration parameters (Velocity, Amplitude, Crest Factor)
  • Datalogging up to 8 million data points
  • Wireless range up to 1km


  • IP-67 weatherproof enclosure
  • Stainless steel base
  • ¼ 28 UNF mounting hole or optional magnetic base
  • 3 on-board ½ AA 3.6V LiSOCL2 batteries
  • –40 to +85 °C operating temperature range


Product Taxonomy
Product Sensors

Equipment Condition Monitoring

Track vibration over time using derived channel outputs:

  • Acceleration RMS
  • Acceleration Peak-to-Peak
  • Velocity RMS (IPS)
  • Crest Factor

Greatly extends battery life, and reduces data allowing for larger networks

Text and Email alerts from SensorCloud


Impact and Event Monitoring

Event-Driven sampling allows for reporting only the data of interest around a predefined event.

User configurable pre- and post-event duration allow you to see the data that led up to the event, and how the data progressed back to normal conditions

System overview
System overview
Wireless 3-axis accelerometer with rugged, weatherproof enclosure. Fully calibrated and low noise. Ideal for vibration, impact, and tilt.
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